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St Austell Camera Club homepage
The  copyright of images on this website are owned by the individual photographers.  No image may be copied, duplicated, modified or redistributed in whole or part without the prior written permission of the photographer.
Silver and Gold Sep 2020 Silver and Gold September 2020

Cheetah-Barry Smith

Milky Way-Chris Robins

Hard Acceleration-Mike Lyne

Umm Yummy-Sonya Rogers

Wistmans Wood-Rob Eschle

Bush Tucker Trial-Brian Cooper

Essential Maintenance-Brian Cooper

A calm evening-Claudia Phillips

Dancing Trees-Claudia Phillips

Cold Water-Lorraine Robins

Predator Two-George Collings

Tawny Owl-George Collings

Hot Light-Chris Robins

Dandelion and drops-Barry Smith

Buzzard in flight-Barry Trudgian

Polzeath Sunset-Hanene Basson

Autumn Lake-James Phillips

Ruth’s Washing-Bryan Cooper

Coffee Time-Jo Howell

The Conductor-Jo Howell

Local View-Lorraine Robins

Waterside Living-Mike Lyne

Contemplation-Kevin Dyer

Grey Heron-Kevin Dyer

Candlelight-Mike Lyne

Why did the Chicken cross the road Nigel Carter

Sunflowers-Rob Eschle

Cattle Egret-Nigel Carter

Thrush feeding-Barry Trudgian

Inbound Puffin-Nigel Carter

Dragonfly exuvia-Tony Kellow

Damselfly-Tony Kellow